Banking and finance is one of those industries where physical security and safety are critical in the performance of the industry. With national and regional headquarters alongside hundreds of local branches to protect, banks invest in a wide array of technologies ranging from access control systems and CCTV cameras to fire detection, intruder alerts, vault management systems, intercoms, building management systems, energy management and many more.

As the banking business grows over time through organic growth ànd mergers and acquisitions, you don’t just have one system for all things CCTV or any of the other technologies. You end up with a plethora of legacy systems, requiring a lot of time, resources and patience to align them. None of us have the luxury of going for the ‘burn it – replace it‘ strategy. When focussing on CapEx, consolidation is one of those key elements to maintain a healthy return on investment. Through the use of a PSIM software like AppVision™, you can aggregate all information from all systems used in one single interface. The overall result? Reduced CapEx ànd lower OpEx.

Not only financial gain should be the driving force to implement AppVision™ or any other PSIM tool. The real benefits come from having all of your systems’ data in one place. Think Skynet, HAL 9000 or Deep Thought if you want, but detecting the correlation between an open door and an access badge that was just used in the seconds before to determine that a faulty automatic door opener is more likely than a hold-up is critical in managing false alarms.

As AppVision™ is built with an open and transparant architecture in mind, adding new hardware or automation systems is completely free of choice. It doesn’t matter what manufacturer you choose, any device can be linked to the tool – and security personnel only have to master a single system.

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