5 06, 2020

The Addvals team grows – welcome Ben Hendrickx!

2020-06-05T09:39:10+02:00June 5th, 2020|Categories: team|

Ben HendrickxRight in the middle of a global pandemic, it’s never easy to grow a business, let alone kickstart one to the next version of itself. At Addvals we always like a good challenge, so we continue to grow our team even when solely relying on webcams and cranky audio. The latest addition to our fast-growing Addvals family is Ben Hendrickx, a 30-something sporty sales engineer with a profound passion for graphic design. We pretty sure he’s a five-legged sheep dressed as a swiss knife, but we’re not completely sure yet. We never saw Ben in real life so far, but apparently, his mother had him tested. We had a long chat with Ben, and here are some the highlights.

Ben started his career at 15 (!) designing websites and logos for friends, family and fools from the safety of his bedroom. After […]

3 06, 2020

Physical Security Information Management in precarious covid times.

2020-06-04T12:52:22+02:00June 3rd, 2020|Categories: general, psim|

In these challenging times where we’re all fighting off a global pandemic, security and access control systems needed a whole new approach in securing and safeguarding public areas. That originally resulted in a significantly higher number of security personnel dispatched. As demand for intelligent detection systems skyrocketed, device manufacturers quickly jumped in to ease the task at hand with some impressive innovations.

The main areas of these innovations were situated on three main pillars – protecting people in public spaces, helping companies keep their business open, and aiding employees to safely return to their workplaces.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal camera scanners can of course not detect whether someone has or has not been infected with covid19 but are useful to detect a higher-than-normal temperature with visitors. Since security often correlates with accuracy, a good and qualitative setup is critical when deploying such systems. US-based tech giant FLIR

2 06, 2020

PSIM software. Choosing between patchwork and homogeneous solutions.

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In the early nineties, when PSIM was still an unknown abbreviation, the call for a unified approach in security and safety systems grew from niche to mainstream. Companies specializing in middleware like security cameras, fire detection, intrusion alerts and building services were all focusing on the devices and sensors, each with their own accompanying management software suite (if any). For operators in the field, that created a patchwork of different software packages to install, maintain and learn, while switching between them during their responsibilities. The result was often a waste of time, resources and effort.

Until some engineers decided to get rid of the patchwork and streamline the process of middleware protocols so those devices and sensors could talk and be talked to in a single overview system. PSIM or Physical Security Information Management allowed just that. Interoperability was the new key word to live by, and PSIM in its early […]

19 05, 2020

Control your 2N intercom system directly from AppVision™

2020-05-19T12:17:45+02:00May 19th, 2020|Categories: integration, intercom|Tags: |

2N intercoms can now be managed within the AppVision™ PSIM software solution. Operators can receive calls and video streams from 2N intercom systems with a single click, and link dependent actions like alarms, doors or security interventions automatically.

AppVision™ integrates 2N intercoms via a driver for control and command and a client SIP integration for audio communication. The operator is able to control 2N intercoms from the AppVision™ user interface. 2N intercoms are displayed graphically on a plan or map (GUI) and the operator can trigger actions (Call, pick up, hang up, reject) watch video live (Onvif) or playback (VMS) and command switch and relay.

Learn more about this option in the 2N interoperability manual.

Supported features

  • Two-way audio communication via SIP protocol
  • Camera display (live and playback if VMS)
  • Call status monitoring
  • Communication status
  • Switch status monitoring
  • Relay status monitoring
  • Switch control
  • Relay control
  • Call […]
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