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Addvals is the main distributor for Belgium & the Netherlands for the AppVision™ PSIM software solution. We work closely with all integrators to fulfil their software needs, and develop custom modules and integrations to make sure any device can be integrated in this leading smart building management tool.

AppVision™ is a PSIM or Physical Security Information Management tool. It’s a software category aiming to provide a single platform to manage and control all applications and devices created by other manufacturers, specifically designed to connect and integrate multiple stand-alone security, safety and comfort applications. It creates a centralised environment that delivers a complete overview in any situation, and unifies security, safety and comfort functions from a wide range of disparate manufacturers and brands.

AppVision™ is developed and maintained since 1996 by Prysm Software, and evolves and improves constantly. Addvals is the exclusive distributor, installer and OEM developer for Belgium and the Netherlands. We work with a wide range of integrators.

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Physiological needs and safety cravings have been the most primal goal of mankind since the beginning of time. From the time of the rise of our species, we hunted for food, built shelter, and protected our loved ones from the environment and others. These basic needs are baked into society’s core beliefs and should be addressed before anything else. Love, belonging, esteem, … are all constructed on top of these base layers of humanity.
In this day and age, where things are being brought to life, interconnected and intertwined, we’ve come to the next stages of evolution. In the Internet of Things, those very things are now evenly longing to have their basic needs taken care of. Just like people, buildings have physical needs, and crave for security and safety.
At Addvals, we want to facilitate that interconnection between buildings, building systems, and the people using them. Disregarding systems, languages and vendors. Brushing away the plethora of logins, the excesses in tools, the deluge of vendor locks. Ccentralising the entirety of a building’s needs in one, secure place.


Open Architecture

We believe strongly in interoperability. Therefore, we focus on integrating devices, tools and languages that share that same openness and zeal for interconnection.


Transparency is key

Working on your security and safety needs as a distributor or as a global OEM developer, transparency is the first and foremost key element in our relations.


A lean and mean way of working

Devices change, behaviours change, needs change. At Addvals, we thrive in an fast-paced environment and adapt to change rapidly to keep your overall TCO optimised.